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Treat  yourself or  perhaps for a specific muscle or joint problem. Our treatment  room provides  comfort  in a   private  atmosphere  allowing you to de-stress. Either  way  our  experienced  and qualified Allied  Health  Professional  team offer numerous treatment options  to best  suit your  needs,  including   Sports  Therapy,  Remedial,   Myotherapy, Physio Technique &  Exercise Rehabilitation to gently correct posture body mechanics. The services we provide are therapeutic and progress  you to the next stage of healing  through movement pattern and prescriptive exercise. Our therapists are always ready and able to help you.


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Treatments for athletes and retired athletes


Roughest player is 50 years.

I  have worked, traveled and live around the world  for  the last fifty  years. Through out my sporting and working life I  have many achievements and  injuries  from representing  Australia at  work and  Rugby  Union. Ten years  receiving   treatments and rehab exercise at this little clinic  has helped  me  to manage pain and keep my body moving  as I like exercising  .

Jules Guerassimoff 

Manage chronic pain for injury or autoimmune diseases


 As a therapist I've studied physio, exercise, personal training, remedial massage, myotherapy and other modalities.  Fifteen years later i am writing a book about the experiences I have had working with clients  who try to manage their ongoing pain and  injuries.  

 I truely  believe as a therapist I  have learnt  from the  debilitating stress and pain of clients  who struggle on a day to day basis  . It can really  impact a life if left untreated.  

 As a student therapist,  believing I could  help others to prevent  injury for sport and fitness and now there a popular home programs at our little clinic to decrease or manage pain for injury and diseases. 

Juvenile  arthritis in the 1990s was not  a  well known  disease and  was told later in life   by specialists I had undiagnosed  Juvenile [adolescence] arthritis through to adulthood . 

 In my younger  days training for fitness and competition, years later wondering what  onset  debilitating pain was  and how  it  impacted putting a stop  a  future  in a  sporting career and working achievements.  

Receiving  treatment from Dr Hobbs,  Sports Medicine Doctor.  I remember  this  medical  clinic smelling like sports tape and plasterparis. I learnt as a young adult debilitating pain was  emotional suffering from physical  injury,  I had  bone  stress fractures and tendons injury.  Dr Hobbs  wise words,' No pain No gain does not apply for your  physical training at the moment,   rest is needed for this debilitation pain.'    

I returned to  study 12-15 year ago to learn  business  and  more about therapy.   I was referred to a  fitness/ life/ business coach who taught me how to keep focus for business throughout onsets of arthritis . Today I implement  this knowledge of business while working at this little clinic and receive  rehab prevention  from the help of other therapists.


Learning physical  limits is very important.  Still today  I am always  learning  new phases of rehab, treatment, rehab exercises  and home programs.

 Every Client is Unique. Receiving a treatment  plan to suit a clients is  just as important as a home program to suit a clients lifestyle.  Its important  to prevent and manage pain through therapy. If a  client suffers  debilitating  undiagnosed pain,  a very common  symtom for autoimmune diseases  2020 .  A clinical  assessment is written and can be given  to the  clients local Doctor.

Sports Therapy


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Rehabilitation - defeat is only ever a moments thought.


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