Therapists are health fund and medicare approved


Treat yourself or perhaps for a specific muscle or joint  problem.  Our treatment room provides comfort in a private atmosphere allowing you to de-stress. Either way our experienced and qualified Allied Health Professional team offer numerous treatment options to best suit your needs, including  Sports Therapy, Remedial, Myotherapy, Physio Technique and Exercise Rehabilitation  to gently correct posture & body mechanics. The services  we  provide are therapeutic and  progress you  to the next stage of healing  through movement pattern and prescriptive exercise.  Our  therapists are always ready and  able to help you


Medicare and private health funds

Medicare plans are available for further ongoing treatments that require rehabilitation exercise and therapy..


Thank you to Carl for possibly the best massage/rehab session I think I've ever had. He worked wonders on my knotted neck and shoulders, plus giving me a set of really helpful stretches and exercises to build my muscle strength where I need it most. He used every minute of the hour-long session focussed on helping me feel good. I only wish I had time to visit again in this holiday, I'll definitely be recommending you to all my Aussie family and friends!


Special deals ends May - health fund approved $90.00

 Full Price for all services are  per hour 

$110.00 - $130

All transactions are processed in Australian dollars.

 All services are  not for relaxation purposes.

Our Team

Sports Therapist


Welcome to our services. Sports therapeutic massage, helps you to relax, de-stress and find relief from sport, exercise or an active lifestyle. A course of treatments can help decrease the aches and  pains in the body to recover and find healing.

Rehabilitation Therapist


Welcome to our services that are Health Fund Approved.  A youthful body as we age  can allow us to enjoy more in life. Rehabilitation and Myotherapy treatments can reduce pain for injury, decrease discomfort for exercise or at your work station. Lengthening and strengthening muscles that are shortened can take time and may need a course of treatments.  We provide holistic care for professionals that  exercise or have  busy lifestyles  who are looking for therapeutic ways to  de-stress and find relief from the everyday aches and  pains in the body to recover and find healing. Our Rehab Therapist uses a wide variety of techniques and modalities in all of our assessments, including dry needling and cupping.  All transactions are processed in Australian dollars.

Exercise Physiologist


Welcome to our services. We offer holistic care for professionals with busy lifestyles who are looking for guidance through exercise  to lesson aches and pains after exercise, injuries or sports related injuries to get you back on track!  After exercise stretching is important, gentle massage is used as a passive stretch for rehab . All transactions are processed in Australian dollars.

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We do not normally give refunds if you simply change your mind or make a wrong decision. Vouchers that are used are 

refunded but changed for a full  price service .

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We are here to help people help manage or understand their physical pain.

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We do not service therapy for emotional issues seeking treatment